A content platform rich with guidance for prospering individuals;
those aspiring to make well informed decisions related to their
personal financial, business, and overall life circumstances.


Ronnie Withaeger is the principal founder.

An accountant by trade, he’s spent the last decade building a highly successful practice in advising high net worth individuals and small to medium business owners in principles of sound financial management.

Beyond tax advisement, he’s known as a cool-communicator, a dedicated husband and father, as well as adviser to young professionals just getting their start.

Ronnie founded The Prosperity Society in response to his personal network’s thirst for quality business words of wisdom in small tidbits. 



Brian Brown is as a principal contributor. 

Over a decade operating at the crossroads of business, technology and people; Brian brings a partnership perspective to the chaos that is managing any size enterprise.  You’ll find his content and contributions rich in leadership, technology solution consulting, and genuine relationship building. 

Beyond the daily grind, he’s known to be an outdoor enthusiast (trading California beaches for Utah’s towering mountains) of all seasons. Whether it’s a lot or a little business, it’s always a blast in the outdoors. 

Brian joins The Prosperity Society as an extension to his boutique LinkedIn content machine. Check out #BBposts to see more, or jump straight to his collections here. 



The scope of the Prosperity Society won’t always by limited to fantastic tax advice from Ronnie and stellar business development support from Brian, but will welcome multiple contributors of what it takes to win in business, and life. 

We look forward to more to come!